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Athletcs / Sports

Mr. Tong Fook Cheung 唐福祥先生
Year in SJC : 1910's

Notable Achievements
  • First internationally renowned footballer from China
  • Captain of China's triple—winning football team at the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Far East Asian Games


    Mr. Charles Chen Chin Hin 陳振興先生
    Year in SJC : 1920's

    Notable Achievements
  • Winner of 4 Gold Medals at the 1926 Inter-School Swimming Competition
  • First Swimmer to represent China at the Olympics (1936 Berlin Games)


    Mr. Kung Wah Kit 龔華傑先生
    Year in SJC : 1954

    Notable Achievements
  • Played in the First Division Hong Kong Police Football Team
  • Represented Hong Kong in the HK Football Team in the East Asian Games


    Mr. Peter Wong 黃興桂先生
    Year in SJC : 1963

    Notable Achievements
  • Former coach of HK First Division football teams including Eastern A.A. Football Team, South China and Tsuen Wan
  • Cantonese Football commentator of ESPN
  • Contributor of Sports News, Oriental Daily


    Mr. Leslie Santos 山度士先生
    Year in SJC : 1986

    Notable Achievements
  • Hong Kong football legend
  • Former Hong Kong National Football Team member


    Mr. Alexander Chung 鍾國樑先生
    Year in SJC : 2001

    Notable Achievements
  • Hong Kong Swimming Representative at Pusan 2002 Asian Games, Pusan 2002 Asian Games and 2000 Sydney Olympics
  • Hong Kong Record Holder in 3 swimming events
  • Torch bearer for 2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Relay