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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We aim to touch the hearts of the students confided to our care; in turn they touch the hearts of many more in our society, our country, our world with the talents and virtues they developed in their young years.

Our Mission

The mission of St Joseph’s College is to impart a Human and Christian education to those entrusted to our care within the Lasallian family, and to do so with Faith and Zeal.

We strive to educate students in areas of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional development. This process will take place in an environment conducive to learning and in the context of interaction between staff and students.

Our mission is successful when our students

  1. love their country, develop their talents and appreciate their culture;
  2. understand and accept themselves and others;
  3. think logically and critically and express themselves effectively;
  4. clearly know what they believe and why they believe;
  5. maintain physical fitness and mental health - avoiding excesses and abuses;
  6. possess social awareness and a sense of responsibility for the common good.

School Motto

Our College is named after Saint Joseph, and our school motto, "LABORE ET VIRTUTE" ( Work and Virtue ) sums up the life of this great Saint. He was a workingman, a carpenter by trade and his virtue made him worthy to be the foster-father of Jesus Christ. This motto expresses the spirit of our school. It is by hard work and virtue that a student will make a success of his life and so remains true to the best traditions of SJC.

Josephian Spirit

The Christian Brothers and their devoted school staff are willing to give you their best under noble traditions. They are anxious that you make your own the Spirit of the School, and that you pass on to future pupils of ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE the spirit you have inherited. School Spirit can be seen in your loyalty to God, your commitment to your school duties and your care and concern for others.

Your school therefore expects you to acquire good practices like:

  • punctuality;
  • respect for your teachers and schoolmates;
  • personal discipline in behaviour and dress;
  • obedience;
  • honesty; and
  • good sportsmanship.